Historian Richard Haldi told a packed audience how Canton millionaire H.H. Ink was able to build the Palace Theatre and how a young housewife helped save it from demolition in 1976. Mr. Haldi and George Downes have produced a souvenir book about the Palace history.


What is it like to be a museum curator? Dr. Farrington's presentation was a virtual tour of the Cincinnati Museum Center’s animal collections and provided some insights into life at the museum, which is housed in the historic Union Terminal train station. Heather, pictured below with her mother, displayed several interesting specimens.



Poet, writer, translator, editor, and teacher is how Diane describes herself. We know her as a local published author who is a loyal FOL member. She shared poems distilled from her life experiences and detailed the back stories that inspired the poems. Her dramatic presentation captivated her very attentive audience. Can you believe she taught creative writing to inmates in prison for 28 years?