Peg Frantz

Peg served FOL as a Board Member and a long time volunteer with the Monday Morning Crew

Joyce Farrell and Ted Harvey next to today's lengthy book sale shelves outside the FOL office and Gift Shop.

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March 2017

Among Friends

FOL’s monthly book sales in 2016 produced $8,900.00. Happily
noted, ongoing book sales added another $7,000.

Periodic sales date back half a century or more in our library, but the idea of day-to-day sales sprang from an FOL board member’s suggestion in 1997. The board decided to experiment.  A dozen or so books were placed on a table in the Browser’s Corner of the library, priced at 50 cents each.They sold quickly.
Joyce Farrell, who had taken charge of the project, reported in April that sales had produced $115. A month later, she told the board that 30 to 40 books a week were being bought. By 1999, with paperbacks added, income rose to $549. At the end of 2000, Joyce reported $900; a year later, over $2,000.
Book Sale Chairman Ted Harvey estimates the continuous number of ongoing-sale books is 3,500.The little table outside the previous FOL office has been replaced with several feet of shelves outside the current FOL office --- and more inside. Carol Simon says, “If we used an old fashioned cash register, it would be ringing almost constantly with ongoing book sales. “

Chris Sbaraglia was elected to the FOL Board at our Annual Meeting on January 21st. She is a retired businesswoman and educator and has volunteered for a long list of organizations.

Our Office Manager, Carol Simon, was honored at the Annual Meeting for her 20 years of service to Main Library FOL. She was presented with the lovely scarf she is wearing and a gift card.


Ann and David Renkert have become Life Members. They have been members of the FOL since 1981.